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Whether buying or selling real estate, the stress can begin from the moment you have made the decision to move. 

Everyone’s needs and circumstances can differ and that is where Christine and her team use their experience and professional approach to guide you through the process.

Experienced in many facets of real estate, Christine Marotti has a holistic understanding of the real estate industry and her ethos is all about ONE on ONE personal service.

Christine’s real estate background includes:-

  • Residential Real Estate Sales
  • Real Estate Franchise Owner
  • Conveyancing
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Corporate Management

Marotti Real Estate have the experience you're looking for.Christine Marotti

Whether you are a first home buyer, existing home owner, developer or investor, the team of Marotti Real Estate is committed to assisting you in all of your real estate needs providing a one on one personal service

Christine Marotti

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